We are taking the oldest building on the Warm Springs reservation – once a symbol of oppression and dependence – and reclaiming it. We are moving and remodeling the commissary to launch an economic powerhouse.

The Commissary will be a place for doing business, launching business and growing business. This will be a place of celebration, community and opportunity.

For the local community, the Commissary will offer:

  • Retail Spaces
  • Co-Working Office Spaces
  • Food Cart Pod Spaces
  • Commercial Kitchen for Food-Based Businesses
  • Outdoor Market and Pavilion Spaces
  • Classroom & Conference Room
  • Economic Grounds Business Incubator Program
  • Food Truck Training Program
  • Business Support Services
  • And more!
Follow Commissary Businesses for upcoming announcements on available spaces and details on becoming a business at the Commissary and Economic Grounds to learn more about enrolling in the business incubator program.

Our vision

The Commissary will provide the physical infrastructure and a place for local entrepreneurs to operate their small businesses, while also providing the supportive infrastructure necessary for Tribal entrepreneurs to have everything they need in an environment that fosters their success. While the Commissary Project is a direct response to combat barriers local entrepreneurs are facing when trying to start a small business in the Warm Springs community, WSCAT recognizes the project is a symbol of so much more. Not only is the project an opportunity to have a lasting impact that shapes the economic future on the Warm Springs Reservation, it represents an opportunity to heal, an opportunity to hope, an opportunity for change.

With the symbolic gesture of acknowledging the oppressive history of the Commissary building and reclaiming it as a place dedicated to fostering the success of Native entrepreneurs, the Commissary Project will set a precedent for future community and economic development on the Warm Springs Reservation. Guided by the values held by the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs to live in harmony with the natural world, the Commissary site will be the first net-zero design on the reservation. “Net zero” means the total energy used by the Commissary is offset by the renewable energy it creates, a total of “net zero” energy.

By Creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Promoting Authentic Placemaking, and Increasing Autonomy and Resiliency the Commissary will set a foundation to build a thriving reservation-based economy. Moving the building to its new location right off of Highway 26 is a visual representation of a community open for business! The Commissary’s thoughtfully designed space, rooted in community, presents Warm Springs as a destination and a regional resource. For visitors, clients, tourists, friends, families and business partners, we are eager to provide this welcoming space and the vast cultural wealth within – from authentic art to local food to innovative businesses. Outdoor spaces and multiple uses extend the Commissary’s value far beyond its walls. Much more than a building, the Commissary will create a community gathering place that anchors visitors and local community members to the cultural, social and economic identities of the Confederated Tribes, while inspiring all who visit to reimagine what is possible.

Commissary Timeline